Unleash the human potential in your organization 

Over the past 20 years Honsha has transformed hundreds of organizations, leveraging our firsthand experience working in the origin of lean, the Toyota Production System.  

Lean unleashes the potential of an engaged, supported, workforce - - solving problems and creating lasting value for the organization.  

Leadership Awareness

"Working with the Honsha team has been great for the ADOT MVD, as we have accomplished goals that were previously thought to be unattainable. The Honsha team first guided us through a major transformation at one of our offices and they continue to share their experiences and expertise with our leadership team, which has since expanded those principles statewide.”

Eric Jorgensen Deputy Director, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

"What a great foundation for an organization where each person can come to work every day and feel valued."

Dr. Bonnie Collins Associate CMO, Northwest Kidney Centers

"We have learned that data is not used to criticize; it is used to enable us to see."

Dr. Leanne Tyshler CKD and Clinical Quality Initiatives Medical Advisor, Northwest Kidney Centers

"It was astounding to all of us that what we accepted as unsolvable was imminently solvable if we followed the PDCA process."

Bruce Elkington VP of Information Services/ CIO, Northwest Kidney Centers